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Tire Tubes

Tire Tubes in O'Fallon MO

Want to keep your tires from losing air? Tire tubes help retain the air in your tires, preventing both leaks and flats from occurring.

Area's Largest Selection on Tire Tubes

Check out Childs Tire if you need tire inner tubes, truck tire inner tubes, or any other type of inner tube for your tire. Our tire store in O'Fallon, MO has the widest selection of tire tubes for sale in our area with many sizes available. After your purchase, our staff can help you with installation.

We're close to St. Charles, and Wentzville, MO. We invite motorists and farmers to stop over and increase tire performance with the competitively priced tire tubes in our shop. Call to learn more at (636) 272-6565.

We stock a complete line of inner tubes from 4" to 54". Choose from brands like Dobermann and Firestone.

What are Tire Tubes?

A tire tube is a performance enhancing product meant to increase the dependability and useful life of a tire. Tire inner tubes are inflatable rubber devices installed between your tire and its wheel. Once inserted, they are inflated to add an extra layer of protection between the rim of the wheel and rubber of the tire.

Tire Tubes in St. Charles, MO

Tire Tube Basics

  • Contain air at a sufficient pressure
  • Inflate casing to support the weight of the vehicle
  • Prevent air leakage in tires, especially in cold temperatures
  • Extend the life of a tubeless tire
  • Allow tires to run on very low pressure without the fear of bead unseating

Find the Right Tire Tubes with Our Impressive Inventory

Some tires require tire tubes to function properly. Other tires are tubeless but could benefit from the installation of a tire tube. Our staff can help you find the right tire tube.

When shopping for tire tubes, it's important to find the right size. Oversized or undersized tubes can fail and may negatively affect the tire. If you need assistance finding an appropriately sized tire tube, don't hesitate to ask our staff. They're friendly and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Once our tire technicians help you find the best tire tubes, we can help you with tire tube installation. To learn more about our tire tube selection and prices, or to ask us a question, you can contact us in person, over the phone, or online. We can be reached at (636) 272-6565 during regular business hours.

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